Mothers Day 2012

I don’t usually ask for much on Mothers Day but for a bit of piece and quiet and for us to spend time together outdoors. This year; however, I decided to do something absolutely for me and involved a good friend of mine in the process.

We ran the RLAM inaugural Mothers Day 5K race in San Marcos, CA. What a great event! CSU San Marcos was a great host, the music before the race was low key and the sponsor booths were high quality. They had plenty of volunteers and aid stations and the course was challenging but fun! Before the race, the energy was infectious with all of the other mother runners around and, with all of the husbands and kids there, it really was a family event. Thanks Jean, for being crazy enough to run it, too! And…we both did better than we thought we would so by the end of the race we were both beaming from ear to ear.

The smiles we were generating showed me that we had earned this moment! Looking back on all of the running I have done, and all of the races I have run; none of them compared to the moment that I was able to finally run an event with a friend. I really want to do this again! Not just on Mothers Day but whenever, wherever. A little race has caused me motivation that I haven’t felt in years and I am extremely thankful for it. And when Jean and I get to do an event together, again, it will be that much more fabulous!

Mothers Day has a new tradition in my house!!Open-mouthed smile

I hope yours was as rewarding,



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