Inverted down hills

Running hills is great for so many reasons. I don’t enjoy them but I do enjoy the workout and the pure feeling of accomplishment when I reach the top. My love/ hate relationship with hills leaned a bit more toward love when I visited my cousin in Massachusetts several years ago. We ran through Westfield, parts of Springfield, Martha’s Vineyard on Nantucket Island and then all over Hamden, Ohio when we took a road trip to help our grandmother on her farm. All of the scenery and new locations were motivating enough but my cousin, Larry, had the greatest description ever for hills. A little mental game always helps motivate me!

“Don’t think of them as hills, think of them as inverted down hills, get up on your toes and move along. Breathe normally, relax and try to maintain an even cadence (that’s foot strikes per minute).”

I thought he was insane! But it worked, and hills and I have become more and more friendly ever since. This is a good thing, given the two half marathons I have in my near future!

However you feel about hills, I have some resources below that may help you if simply thinking of them as inverted down hills isn’t quite the help you need. Of course, you should always listen and feel what your body is telling you and heed its warnings. If you need to walk hills, then walk the hills. The best thing to remember is your are outside and moving with intent and effort. Enjoy being in the moment and don’t worry about the hills.

These are three good reads. The first is from Runners World Magazine, the second is from and the third is from TEAM OREGON. Read and see what helps you! Happy hills and happier feet!


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