Feeling free

The best and worst thing about hard workouts is the ability to run farther and more freely then before. Running farther and with more freedom is the best because the feeling is unlike anything else; you breathe and relax, your feet move lightly over the ground, you can enjoy the scenery or your music without panting so hard you feel like you are going to throw up, or pass out, and you can get in a great run and feel refreshed at the end instead of wanting to take a nap.

On the other hand, and this really only applies if you have responsibilities waiting for you at the end of your run, this new found ability to run farther and with more freedom is the worst because you can’t run forever regardless of how great you feel. Those little people, or other commitment waiting for you, isn’t going to go away…no matter how far you run. Do you start running sooner so that you can have more time? Do you shorten your runs but do more of them in one day to get your miles in if training for something? Do you have someone at home who you can ask for help? If you have a spouse at home who will engage the kiddos, how much time will that free up for you to run?

I used to take my freedom for granted. I cherish it now! Little quiet moments that I have come to appreciate and make mental note of so that I can share them with my family. I talk to them about every run I get to do outside so that they know how much I appreciate my time as much as I appreciate them. They smile as I regale them with stories of crazy drivers, other people who talk to themselves (I am not the only one), interesting sights and sounds and just the feel of the breeze/fog/rain/sun on my face. I hope we all get to embrace a little bit of freedom and share that with others. If treated with respect and responsibility, we may be able to eek out a bit more of it now and again. Love, honor and cherish your moments; be thankful for any and all you get. Love your run!!



  1. I love my weekend runs outside, even though it means not getting to finally sleep in after a long week. I cherish them and love this post, what a great outlook to have!


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