Running Outside vs. The Hamster Mill

I prefer to run outside, in fresh air, moving by the objects rather than staying in one place staring at the same thing on a treadmill. The time goes by faster, I am logging actual mileage rather than picking my feet up and putting them down, and my legs feel stronger after an outdoor run.

It is; however, an unavoidable fact that when you have children often your time is not your own and you have to fit in a run on the ‘mill or forget about running at all.

So I play a game with myself…not those kind! I reward myself on the weekends with an outdoor run or hike, one mile for every mile logged on the indoor hamster trainer. This assures me that I will get outside and it determines the length of time I get some peace and quiet; the time that keeps me from wanting to run away!

Try it, I encourage you to find a way to make the treadmill a game you play. I will be including more posts on how to make it less mundane (I don’t promise excitement but I do promise ideas). If you have any ideas feel free to share!

Happy running,



  1. What a great way to stay motivated, I love it! I'm stealing this idea and trying it for myself. I've earned a LONG hike this weekend!! OUTDOORS - what a concept! :)


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