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Upcoming events in the life of a running, teaching, mom…

The river this weekend for which I have limited time and no patience to clean, pack, shop or do laundry for; training for another half marathon in January that I have time for and the motivation but why does it have to start getting light later in the morning now that I am obliged to get up earlier; goal setting conferences at work with students and parents that are hugely beneficial and very productive but have monopolized any time I have to grade papers, cook dinner, do homework with my kids or BLOG! for several weeks; three weekend conferences for work that will occupy three weekends between now and the end of October; and, The Color Run, that I get to run with my friend Jean (who is going to be so happy I finally posted--she should be smiling now!), which is in November and we get to be doused in colorful powdery goodness—so excited for this one!

Running is what gets me through the stress and tough schedule that would exhaust me if I wasn’t up and moving every day. Running teaches me that every hill is climbable even if one needs to slow down to get to the top and that when the wind is at your back and things are going your way you should enjoy it and not take those moments for granted. Running teaches me that little accomplishments add up in the long run; every minute of every mile I am stronger, taller, tougher and more relaxed. Running teaches me that everyone performs at their own level and finding what motivates people helps me to convince them that with the right attitude and effort you can accomplishment as much as you desire.

Which leads me to teaching. Teaching humbles me because as I get to know my students this year, they are so intelligent and so capable, they make me want to improve myself in order to motivate them. Teaching strengthens my persuasive skills, my questioning skills, and my patience. Teaching shows me why tolerance and acceptance are vital to motivation. When they know that I accept and tolerate their learning styles, that I understand the limitations of a textbook to describe events in a way they will understand, that I empathize with their struggles and their stress, then they allow me to convince them to work a little harder because the effort will pay off. The rewards for hard work are tangible and if they give a little then so will I. Teaching affords me the opportunity to respect and to be respected. One cannot get what one does not give in return.

At the end of every day and at the start of a new, I am a mom to two amazingly giving, loving, kind, tolerant, accepting and empathetic kiddos (I may be somewhat bias). It’s the trifecta! Running, teaching and mothering are so important to me and because they all lend a hand in shaping my life and guiding my philosophies I plan on doing one or the other or all three for as long as I am able to run, needed to teach, and loved by my kids.

Find something in what you do that gives you strength and feeds your soul. May all your endeavors be experiences that you not only enjoy but have purpose and meaning.

Happy miles!



  1. YAY! I AM SO HAPPY you finally posted!! And yay for the Color Run coming up to help keep me motivated on these hot, dark, too-early mornings! I can't wait to have some fun together and be doused in color on our way!


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