When Everything Hurts

Not one to lament growing older, I have had to come to the stark realization that I am not 30 anymore. To quote the insert that came with my Native Deoderant purchase, "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."

Although I am not a doctor, I am pretty in tune with how my body feels; therefore, when something aches my motivation goes south quickly. Right now, my motivation is centered somewhere in Antarctica because my whole left hip, from lower back to knee, is aching like a tooth in need of a root canal. I would blame it on my dogs, but really it was just a freak moment when I jumped one direction as they jumped the other while playing in the driveway. A moment of fun has lead to roughly three months of on and off irritation.

So, here I sit, looking up stretching and strength training exercises in order to address a pulled piriformus muscle that not only irritates me when I run but is putting a hitch in my get along when standing, sitting, or walking. With a half marathon looming (17 days away), I have to think about and research how I can continue running while making time to work on this increasingly irritating injury. Here is my plan for bringing myself back to health.

1. I need to stop thinking my leg is going to fall off and believe in the power of stretching, making time to do so a few times a day.

2. No more prolonged sitting in that super comfy cubicle chair.

3. When standing, focus on my posture, hip position, and balancing the time I spend leaning more on one leg.

4. Read this article and follow the prescriptive advice. Every. Single. Day.

5. Make it through the San Diego Holiday Half and then continue with stretching and strength training, as well as cross training, to avoid future injury.

Moral: Just because I'm not 30 anymore, doesn't mean I can't be strong and at the top of my game. It DOES mean that I need to be vigilant and consistent about making time to work on strength and flexibility, eat real food, drink lots of water, and take care of this body! I like having a healthy, injury-free home in which to live.

Here's to healthy vessels.



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