In a Perfect World

I decided to become a teacher out of necessity. I needed to graduate from college before I turned 30; however, my original goal of an engineering degree seemed too daunting a task for a na├»ve and frustrated 21 year old. So teaching became my plan B and I have not regretted a day of it since starting to teach in 1996. And then I had kids…I know, I know, I am going to sound a bit like an old housewife from the 50’s but the difference is, living where I do, what I am about to dream up as my perfect world makes sense, to me anyway! With summer coming to an end (not the temperature, just the days), I always reflect on what I would love too really be doing when Labor Day rolls around.

So, in a perfect world, what I would like: I would like to get up with the sun and run. I would like to get my kids up for school, feed them breakfast in a non rushed manner and then walk them to their bus stop—or better yet, ride bikes to school with them. I would like to come home, clean my house and work in my dirt lot we call a yard until it is alive and growing with sustainable fruits and vegetables, and then work in it everyday thereafter to nurture and maintain it…while maybe doing the laundry (I don’t like doing laundry). I would like to bike down to pick up my kids from school and then we would travel to the park and do homework and have snacks. I would like to practice piano with my kids instead of grading papers. In a small and rather meek nutshell, I would like to stay home and be a mom and take care of myself and my home and my kids the way I know would make all of us a little saner, a little happier, and little more relaxed.

Please don’t think I am whining about my job and I am very appreciative of the fact that in this day and age I have one! I love teaching; inspiring Jr. High students has been a passion of mine for a long time and I still get a kick out of watching the light bulb flicker over their little heads when they understand something new. I love my paying job, but I adore my mommy/home job more and in a perfect world, that is simply what I would like to do.

Until then, I will run, love and care for those in my stead; the best I can.

Here’s to your perfect world, wherever you make it!



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