Okay, I have noticed that since running time became the time of the day I have the most mental activity, I can solve about one problem per mile; sometimes two if I have had enough coffee. This morning I was on a roll! I solved the world's energy crisis, global warming, the cost of gasoline, and made a pretty big dent in the housing decline. As I did not have paper and pencil handy to make all the critical notes, I have since forgotten half of what I thought about and know that the other half is impossible from an engineering and economic standpoint. However, I was completely and utterly entertained for my run.

I do jest but on a more serious note, I do get to think about a lot of things that effect my life and the life of my kids, husband, students, and those with whom I share my time during the day. I talk to myself about what's bothering me and why; what I can or can't do about it and all of the little things over which I have no control. It's a pretty cheap therapy session and a great way to focus on so many things. As a teacher of pre adolescents, some of my best lesson plan ideas have come from my daily running sessions as I love to share music with my students and running affords me the time to evaluate some amazing lyrics. Sharing thoughts and interpretations is a great way to find common ground; just like chatting and blogging about running is a great way to share a love of health and maybe a touch of crazy.

So today, I say thank you "Dr. Run" for the time you have given to my continued sanity. Let's chat again tomorrow and see how many crises we can muster through, together!



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