Saturday's run this week was unusual. I was feeling particularly comfy in my PJ's, sipping my Starbucks French Roast and watching the sunrise from my east facing window. I am always grateful for every run but some days the motivation and my ability to talk myself out of it can often cause days to pass between runs. Today I took inspiration from the sun and so I laced up my shoes and was out the door.

My first mile was downhill and quick and I was trying to listen to Pandora on my cell phone instead of my tired running playlist. A song came on about half way through mile two that I had not remembered hearing before. It's called "Check Yes Juliet" by We the Kings. The song was so supremely and perfectly timed to my cadence that I forgot for the entire song that my feet were even touching the ground. I hadn't felt that in a long time and was so thankful for it that I bought the song...impulse buying with "one-click" is my nemesis and soon to be the cause my financial ruin...and listened to it one more time before I let the randomness that is Pandora push me through the last mile up hill back to the house.

Why did this song make such a powerful impression? The chorus is all about lacing up shoes, running and getting away from it all and reveling in the joy of love. As the song played, with no negativity, all joy and upbeat words, I could feel the smile stretch across my face. And I smiled for the entire day! I danced with my kids in the living room when I got home! There are so many things to be happy about and sometimes the act of smiling is the simplest and easiest to share. Our lives are hectic and crazy! Running and smiling help me get through some of that and "Check Yes Juliet" was a simple and subtle reminder. Music and running and smiling are powerful medicine. Did you get your dose today?

Until tomorrows!



  1. Yay to dancing with your kids in the living room and running without even realizing! I get it, I love it! Keep smiling!!


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