A Song To Move You

There once was a time when I would scoff at people who listened to music while running. A purist to the core, I wanted nothing to listen to but the sound of my own two feet thumping out their own rhythm. I would count my steps, check my cadence, and count again. What was I, nuts?!

When I discovered the amazing attributes and engaging nature music offers, I was running my first half marathon post kids, the Carlsbad Half in San Diego. I had purchased an iPod Nano and filled it with a playlist I had named, “Running,” creative, huh? Anyway, the playlist is still on my iPod 6 years later in almost it’s original form due the fact that it propelled me to my first ever sub 2 hour half. I was so stoked that I have sworn by musical motivation ever since.

As I mentioned before, when I have to run on the hamster mill I use Pandora radio because of the variety it allows me: when I am frustrated I listen to “Rage Against Radio,” when I need pick me up it’s, “Black Eyed Peas,” and when I hear a song that makes my feet move I want to share it with you so that you can check it out, too!

Today it’s, “You’re Going Down” by the Sick Puppies. The beat is quick (180 per minute friendly, if you’re a cadence freak like me) and the lyrics are just angry enough to make you mentally shout, “Yah!!” I like that I can think of all types of things that will, “go down” when I am running: my stresses, my anxieties, the treadmill, my winter coat that always seems to creep back on in the winter no matter how much I run!

So, if you are a music lover and want a reason to shout in the air while running, this song might fit the bill.

Here’s to Running!


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