The AFC Half Marathon 2012

The last half marathon I ran was in January of 2007…the Carlsbad Half Marathon. My first sub 2 hour half and I trained for six months to prepare. Part of my training was the America’s Finest City Half Marathon in August of 2006. I had a safe neighborhood in which to run, drove to Spring Valley to trail run near Sweetwater reservoir, and did my long runs around the Bonita Golf Course…6 mile laps! I had two small kiddos then and I was a stay at home mom so I had, “all the time in the world,” (compared to now, as a working mom of two larger kiddos) when my time is significantly more limited and planned!

And so I am once again preparing for my half marathon adventure(s). I have roughly 8 weeks to train for something I signed up for almost a month ago. I have been running but not with any half marathon purpose. Why does that matter? Because, silly heads, I ran a sub 2 hour half in 2007…I have a PR to protect!! Smile with tongue out

I  would love to match that time in the AFC half, but it is a rather challenging run. It starts at Cabrillo National Monument and ends in Balboa Park. Sounds absolutely scenic and fun, yes? Well, the start is all downhill, kind of like the Run Like A Mother 5K my friend Jean and I ran on Mother’s Day, so you want to go out strong and fast! However, along Harbor Drive, it levels out and gets slow, flat and straight. Although you can see the water and the boats in the harbor, it is a long and straight shot to Broadway which begins the uphill climb. Roughly the last 3 to 4 K is uphill. That is the part that kills me, and so the part I need to prepare for. Now, living where I grew up, I have lots of hills to help me train and lots of downhill to train me not to go out too fast. I am so excited about this run and even more excited to share my training adventures.

Why half marathons and not full marathons? I love long distance and have not ruled out running another marathon in the future but they are a heavy time commitment and I am not sure I am ready to recommit to that level of training. My favorite distance has always been 10K and it isn’t a far stretch to train for 13.1 miles; I read once that if you can run 6 regularly, you can run 12 once every couple of weeks. That was a long time ago but it seemed to work then.

And so, along with the Another Mother Runner Challenge in June, I have something to motivate me. In my last blog I asked what motivates you? I think I need a deadline once in a while to keep me moving. August 19th, here I come! Join me???

Happy legs and fleet feet!



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