Fledgling Hawks

Some of the many benefits of running outside in the early morning are the quiet, restful, and traffic free streets in my neighborhood. People don’t start to mill about until 7:30 or so and this gives me time to enjoy my longer runs without the harried feeling of cars whizzing by or someone’s dog bounding across the road to say hello.

This morning offered another surprise. As I was huffing my way up Johnson Lake Road from High Ridge, I heard the familiar sound of red tail hawks. They have a familiar screech…we hear it in movies and TV shows as the sound effect for nearly every bird, raptor, or fowl…and today it seemed to be coming from everywhere. I took pause and looked up into the nearest eucalyptus tree and there was a fledgling, on a branch, calling to another fledgling on the power pole across the street. You can tell a fledge from an adult, they are far more visible and closer to the ground and they have yet to acquire their signature red tail but they have their parents’ voice.

They seemed to be playing a hawk version of leap frog--as one would fly for the other’s location, the other would take off for a point slightly farther away. It was quite beautiful and I couldn’t help but smile through the remainder of my 6 mile run. The miles flew by at that point because I found myself looking, again, for other wonders in the quiet morning hour. Inspiration comes in many forms and we take it when get it. I hope you find something that inspires you today.

Time to make breakfast!



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