What motivates you?

Motivation is a tricky thing for some of us. We wax and wane with the moon at times; increasing and decreasing our running, exercise, chore completion, you name it! I am constantly asking myself why I can’t be committed to a routine; a regimen if you will, of running and cross training. I have all the right reasons, I love to do it (once I am out or into it) and it makes me feel infinitely better mentally and physically. So why do I stop? Why do I rebel against my alarm clock and tell myself it isn’t the boss of mePunk? Why is the sheer act of getting stronger and being strong enough to get up not more powerful then my mind saying, “No way! I am not getting up just because you tell me I have to.”

Maybe it’s a vestige of bucking parental authority? Maybe it’s that free will thing creeping into my mind, when I am half asleep listening to the crickets of my alarm clock, reminding me that I always have a choice: bed is good, cold and dark living room is bad…can you relate? What do you do to overcome that feeling that we can just put it off until tomorrow? I don’t want my health to decline, I know exercise is the best way to stay healthy and I know which kind of exercise is most stimulating and healthful for me; and yet I succumb to the devil Devilsitting on my shoulder telling me I have plenty of time and to hit snooze just once more, or telling me it’s okay to take one more day off.

Then guilt and frustration inevitably follow…but who bares my guilt, who feels my frustration, who suffers from my crappy attitude? Me, myself and I first, and then my family gets dragged along behind wondering and curious about my attitude but having no control over it. I think, sometimes, I resent having to take care of myself for anyone else but me. However, as a mom, daughter, sister, wife, and friend of some amazing women I owe it to myself to stay strong, motivated and committed to my health. If I write it, I will wake up and get moving! Alarm, coffee, run, repeat…I hope it’s that easy tomorrow morning Smile with tongue out.

To whatever motivates you!



  1. You motivate me Girlfriend! So where are my latest posts? I need some motivation!
    Here's to light feet and keeping a light heart! :)


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