Let the fracas begin

fracas n. A noisy, disorderly fight or quarrel; a brawl. See synonyms at brawl .

If you have more than one child roaming the halls of your home…and you have the joy of experiencing their summer break with them…you fully understand what a fracas is!

I have attempted to instill a, “play hard, be nice,” philosophy with both of our kids since the older was big enough to wield some level of pain over the younger. Yet, I remember from my own childhood with a younger brother that certain times necessitate a full-on, out of control, no holds barred, fracas! Some sibling discontent cannot be solved any other way. Is it a bit too contrived on my part that I create the battleground, complete with pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and a starting bell? I think not! By the end of said, “brawl,” that they find totally insane on my part, they are usually laughing hysterically and the reason they were fighting in the first place is totally forgotten. I love these moments! They and I, laughing so hard we can’t breathe, get to feel a bit more like friends than eternal (and infernal) enemies. The rotation of life in our home, at peace for a bit, falls back into a predicable routine.

I know, you are thinking at this point, “How does this relate to running, health, sanity, or any other aspect of well being?” Well, I was thinking that very thing when I started this post but then it occurred to me that our routine of health and fitness sometimes needs a shake-up, a wake up, a deviation from the redundancy, a fracas of sorts! Running every day, or biking, or walking can get old and stale and for the same reason kids get angst ridden with each other, doing the same old thing every day gets irritating! At least for me!

I have taken to breaking up my running. I run for 30 minutes, make the kids breakfast, then run another 30 minutes. I get up and run in the dark one day and then run after my husband gets home the next day. Yesterday, I did yoga in the morning and didn’t run at all; blasphemy, I know but it made my run today so much better and more enjoyable.

I know carving out time and sticking to that time is critical for many people; it is more critical for me in the wintertime when daylight is at a premium. However, being flexible and willing to create a fitness fracas may be your saving grace when the drudgery of routine threatens to make you take a break you will only regret later. Deviating and finding other things to do makes exercise and health fresh and invigorating!

Happy minds, happy bodies.



  1. I love it, I might have to try it! I force mine to hug it out which results in one chasing the other for a hug while the other is running away screaming dont touch me and everyone including me is laughing hysterically! I like your way too though!


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