Playlist for fast feet

Ok, so I am not sure how fast your feet will be and I make no claim to have created a list that will have you finishing a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours but the songs I am about to list help me get into a rhythm and stay there for awhile. I have arranged them in no particular order and I have them playing on shuffle on either my iPod or my mp3 player. And still, some days, I run to just the sound of my own two feet, that is, when I am lucky enough to get off the hamster mill and run outside. I hope you find at least a few of these tunes valuable investments for your running dollar.

Burn it to the Ground—Nickelback
Something in your Mouth—Nickelback
If Today was Your Last Day—Nickelback
Gotta Be Somebody—Nickelback
Re Education (through labor)—Rise Against
Satellite—Rise Against
Collapse (Post Amerika)—Rise Against
The Dirt Whispered—Rise Against
Make It Stop (September’s chldren)—Rise Against
Famous Last Words—My Chemical Romance
Disenchanted—My Chemical Romance
This is How I Disappear—My Chemical Romance
The Sharpest Lives—My Chemical Romance
Dead—My Chemical Romance
Animal I Have Become—Three Days Grace
Riot!—Three Days Grace
Break—Three Days Grace
The Good Life—Three Days Grace
The Anthem—Good Charlotte
Lifestyles of the Rich and The Famous—Good Charlotte
The Young and the Hopeless—Good Charlotte
Blow Me Away—Breaking Benjamin
Evil Angel—Breaking Benjamin
Had Enough—Breaking Benjamin
Skin—Breaking Benjamin

This is really only a partial list and I will add more in time. I also found a cool App called PaceDJ which is an app (1.99) for android or iPod that will take your running tempo and find songs on your SD card that match the tempo…I just installed it and it found all the rockin’ songs on my phone that match the 160 beats per minute that I like to maintain when I am running. Search it and see if it’s something you would like and I will let you know in a week if the app is all it is cracked up to be.

Until then, if music is part of your motivation to walk, run, jog, bike or swim, I hope this list gives you something to ‘play’ with.

Happy feet!



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