Training, training, training

I am having so much fun training for my upcoming 1/2 marathon!! The Carlsbad Half is my favorite race because it’s on the coast, it’s flat and it’s fast!! I am running at all odd hours of the day to prepare but the weather is so amazing during the day that running at o’dark thirty is no longer necessary or agreeable!

With the kids sound asleep at 4:45 AM, I was running on the hamster mill and grooving to my favorite Pandora station, when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I, of course, had a heart attack (because nothing moves in my house that early in the morning), until I realized it was my son. Apparently, the kids are now old enough that noise wakes them from their normally coma-like sleep. He said he had heard the treadmill and got up to see what I was doing. He didn’t know how early it was and so I sent him back to bed; however, my run was over, at least inside.

I added some outer wear and cruised down the road but with it being really dark and a bit chilly, it was a short lived excursion. So, moving the ‘mill is in order but the choices are limited. As an alternate, I have taken up running during my 40 minute duty free lunchtime. I can get a solid workout because the beginning is all up hill and I get back just in time to see my colleagues exiting the teacher’s lounge. I can still get caught up on all the important topics I missed. Because there is a time limit, I am forced to do some speed work a couple of those days.  On the rest days, I walk the neighborhood. I am not waking anyone up, getting caught up in skirmishes between the kids, and I am breathing mostly fresh air and absorbing some vitamin D.

Making these opportunities for myself is also shaving some time off my mileage. I figure in order to finish the 1/2 in under 2 hours, I need to average about a 9 minute per mile pace (give or take 5 seconds). I can run a sustained 8:20 pace for 3 miles and not feel like I am dying and I am running 6.5 to 7 miles per hour on the ‘mill for over an hour and feel great. I think I might do it! I am super hopeful that the Carlsbad Half will be a sub 2 hour event (barely) and then the La Jolla Half will be the next challenge in April. Eye on the prize!!!

What does it all mean? When the battle with sleep is lost or when the morning run is shortened, look for the odd moments during the day when we can squeeze in some exercise. The flexibility it creates moves our spirit and moves us toward our goal. Our bodies will love it and our minds will say thank you. One more way to keep the winter at bay!

Many happy runs!


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