Sports bras, friends, family and runners all offer a slightly different level of support. In my most recent event, the Carlsbad Half Marathon, all if the above presented in droves to get me through my run.

Sports Bra was there for me on the closest literal level. Supportive and comfortable, she neither chafes nor allows movement thus allowing me to focus on the pain in my knees and ankles so much better. However, I do not have to use the dreaded Body Glide because she knows me so well. Thanks Sports Bra for your daily attention and race ready attitude!

Then friends are the next layer in the onion of my running life's suport. My friends wished me good luck all weekend and brought a smile to my face. They support my addiction even though they think I am a loon sometimes. Some of my friends run and some do not but they know how important running is to me and will always encourage me. They make me a better person for knowing them. Thank you friends!!

My family has always considered me a little off in the head so distance running isn't exercise to them, it is torture. They know I live and breathe running but also, secretly see it as a bit masochistic. They love me and congratulate me and feed me after a race. They let me go to bed early the night before and let me sleep without waking me up. They are quiet when I leave but jubilant and boisterous and inquisitive when I return. Thank you family for your love and attention!!

Fellow runners are the last layer because they are the largest group. In a race it is a lot less tedious to run for two hours if there are other runners huffing and puffing and jockeying for position along with me. People watching is taken to a whole new level and even if someone's hat flies off their head, I stoop over to pick it up and then almost take both of us out with a headbutt to his chest, we keep going anyway, laughing and regaining our stride. (True story!) Thank you fellow runners for being part of one big running party every race day!

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. I hope you have plenty and that the layers are full!! Happy running.


  1. I love your true story, that is hilarious and I can picture it so clearly in my head! Congratulations again on your amazing run, you rock and yay for a new post!


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