Trust and Drivers

This may seem more about poor drivers than about running but without the ability to trust the people on the road who are wielding thousands of pounds of bone crushing metal, rubber, and plastic, running near the roadway will become more and more dangerous. Hence, I feel the need to send some thoughts out into the universe in hopes of keeping others safe as well as alerting those in charge of Karmic distribution to pay closer attention. And so, an open letter to drivers...

Dear Drivers,

When driving, I implore you to pay attention to stop lights. Stop lights are traffic control devices that allow cars to move through the intersection in an orderly manner and to minimize collisions. A lesser known reason for traffic control lights is for pedestrians. Perhaps you haven't noticed the pattern that connects the stop lights to the walk/don't walk signs; let me elaborate. When your light turns green, you can proceed through the intersection and pedestrians walking or running in the same direction as you are driving also have the right of way to proceed, safely and in a cross walk, across the intersection. That's a pattern, green light means go for not only cars but also for pedestrians moving in the same direction. Pay attention, now, this is where it gets a little tricky. When your light is red you are supposed to STOP. COMPLETELY. WHEN THE LIGHT TURNS RED. You need to allow the travelers and pedestrians (especially the pedestrians who are NOT surrounded by a strong, metal shell) to pass unimpeded on THEIR green light. Don't be an intersection hog; wait safely for your own light to turn green. 

When driving, I implore you to stay OFF OF YOUR PHONE. Although this one statement should suffice, might I remind you that the road conditions ahead can change rapidly, about as quickly as you're travelling as a matter of fact. For example, if you're travelling at 45 miles per hour that's equivalent to 66 feet per second. At 45 mph, when you look down, away from the road, at your phone for ONE SECOND, you have traveled 66 FEET. Think about all of the opportunities you have to make everyone on, and off, the road safer if you refrain from the immediate gratification of checking your phone. Incidentally, if you look up from your phone and notice that 66 feet have just zipped by, please take a look at the side of the road as you swerve to avoid the car you're about to hit in order to avoid the runner (bicyclist, skateboarder, etc.) who is trusting that you are PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. 

When driving, I suggest you understand how incredibly important the responsibility of being behind the wheel is. I am a runner, and I trust you to help keep me safe. 

The girl whose life you almost ended today when you ran the red light.

Run safely friends.



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